Driving By a Potential Neighborhood Before Moving


When you pick out a new apartment, you need to make sure that you are familiar with the neighborhood and know what to expect. You will spend a year or more in that area, unless you plan to handle the issues and expenses of breaking a lease, so knowing whether the neighborhood is right for you or not will make a big difference. One of the ways that you can make sure the neighborhood is a good one is to drive through it a few times.


It is hard to get a full picture of one particular neighborhood over another unless you have a chance to see it at all times of the day. This is why multiple drive by’s is important. You should take the time to go on different days and different times of day to see what is going on and figure out whether this is going to be the right area for you. Seeing the area at different times can give you a better idea about things like:

# The traffic: See how bad the traffic will be at different times of the day and whether this will be a problem for you while living there.

# Street parking: Consider whether the street parking is accessible or if you will have to park a long distance from your apartment unit

# What is nearby: You should look at the things that are nearby like the shops, cafes, bars, and more. These can all factor into the noise level that you will have to deal with when you live there.


You may find that some areas will have unique circumstances to consider as well. You will need to look into some of these to help determine whether the area is going to be a place you feel comfortable calling home. Make sure that you drive by as often as possible to get the best results and a good idea of what you will experience when you move in.


When it is time to look for a new apartment to call your own, it is important to get a good feel for the neighborhood and make sure that you are prepared for moving there. A good drive by for the neighborhood will help you see what it has to offer and decide whether this is a place you want to move to. As you are scoping at the different neighborhoods, come and check out our available apartments near Seattle Center to see if they are just right for you. We have some of the best units available and are confident that you will want to move right in!