Are Rings Sets Just for Couples?

Since centuries, promise rings have been traded. Their history dates to prehistoric times the time when promises rings were intended to bind two individuals or between a person and God, or even between cities and the sea!

The 16th or 17th century, His And Hers Promise Rings were used as a symbol for expressing love or friendship as a custom that is still in use to this day times. A lot of people are unclear about the role of promise rings during the 21st century due to the rise in engagements and weddings.

Promise rings only work for couples? Not at all!

The majority of the time, however not exclusively couples who are romantic exchange promise rings these days. However, just because a vow engagement ring is exchanged by two couples doesn't suggest that the promises are romantic in the sense of the word.

The promise ring you receive could have a variety of meanings since every promise is distinct. Be aware of these factors for each degree of commitment.

Kinds of Promise Rings

What promise do you want to make? The greater the commitment to make, the more valuable the ring.


A ring doesn't always mean love...or marriage. A ring can be used by couples to express their commitment to each other forever, as well as a emotional connection and spiritual bond. These rings could be traded with friends, or placed on the right hand.

What to Buy: The best relationships don't require a huge declaration. Simple, elegant bands will make a great choice. A one-piece faceted band (pictured left) or twisted one made of an unusual metal gives contemporary style, while engraving a detailed, intricate band will be the perfect choice for those who love vintage.

Future Engagement

Throughout the generations the promise rings were usually used to promise a future engagement. They were considered as a pre-engagement ring that showed the sincerity and commitment to a relationship. The promise ring may be used as a token of engagement but the giver should make it clear.

What To Buy Promise rings that signal engagement are more modest than a real engagement ring. The elegance of a slim band with a small solitaire diamond is subtle, but it clearly displays your commitment to taking your relationship to the next stage. Choose a distinctive metal like rose-gold, to differentiate it from a traditional engagement ring.

A Lifetime Commitment

The idea of marriage is not as popular among those in the millennial generation who take longer to get married. Promise rings are a great way to show love for couples who might not be ready to marry but still want to show their commitment to each other. If you are using promise rings to display a lifetime commitment each person should wear rings.

What to Get: Matching promise rings are great choices for wedding rings. A simple band with diamonds can be used well for these rings, but why not make your ring as unique as your relationship? To elevate any ring you can inscribe symbols and words of love. The more personal your ring and the more unique, the more personal it will be.

One of the most beautiful examples we've seen of this is fingerprint rings. Engraving your partner's unique fingerprint onto your ring is not just romantic, it's a perpetual reminder of the wonderful connection you have with your loved one!

Another Promise

A promise ring's meaning may be unknown to anyone but the couple. Maybe the rings represent some deeper meaning, or may be a promise hidden from view that is too deep and personal to be shared with others. Promise rings could be anything they want to be.

What to Buy: Your intuition will guide you. You are free to pick any of the styles above insofar as they will help you remember and treasure your commitment.