Vibrating Feeder factoryVibrating Feeder factory

Vibrating Feeder factoryVibrating Feeder factoryVibrating Feeder factory

Vibrating Feeder factory Introduction The electromagnetic vibrating feeder is a type of feeding equipment that uses electromagnetic vibrations to move and transport materials. It is widely used in industries such as mining, metallurgy, coal, construction, chemical processing. Features Precise and accurate feeding: The electromagnetic vibrating feeder provides precise and accurate feeding of materials, ensuring that the materials are evenly distributed and do not get stuck in the feeder. Energy-efficient: The feeder uses less energy compared to other types of feeders, making it energy-efficient and cost-effective. Low maintenance: The electromagnetic vibrating feeder does not have any moving parts, which makes it low maintenance and easy to clean. Technical Data ModelCapacity t/hFeeding Size 锛坢m锛?/strong>Double Amplitude 锛坢m锛?/strong>Voltage 锛坴锛?/strong> 0掳-10掳 gz157501.75220 gz2101450 gz3253575 gz45070100 gz5100140150 gz61502102001.5380 gz7250350300 gz8400560300 gz9600840500 gz107501050500 Vibrating Feeder factory website: