Consider a Shorter Lease if You Can’t See an Apartment in Person


When you have to move quickly or you are doing a large move across the country, it is possible that you just won’t have the time or the finances to look into an apartment before you need to get the move done. This can lead to a number of problems, because not seeing an apartment can be bad and may put you at risk for choosing a bad one, or at least one that is in a bad location. If you are stuck and can’t get to the apartment, one of the options you can consider is doing a shorter lease.


When you choose to work with a shorter lease, it gives you the option to leave earlier if things just don’t work out well for you. Maybe the traffic is bad there and it takes longer to get to your job than you thought or it just does not feel safe. Rather than being locked into a full year for the lease, you can just have a few months and then decide to move if the unit just doesn’t work for you.


Property managers and landlords are likely to be more flexible when it comes to the terms of the lease when you have to move from a long distance. You may not want to commit to a new place fully without being able to see it. Which is why asking for a month to month lease, or another type of short-term lease, can make a lot of sense. It allows you to leave the apartment a little bit earlier if you decide that it is not the right location for you.


The one thing to remember about these shorter leases is that they can often be more expensive. You also may find that the landlord is able to terminate the lease with just a bit of notice too, which means you may need to move out quickly without wanting to. You will need to weigh the pros and cons of this decision to see which is the right one for you.


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