What are Mosquitoes?


Mosquitoes can be a pain in the summer. You need to be careful about them when it is hot and humid, because they can bring a number of different diseases with them if you are bitten when they have already done the same to someone else or another animal. The good news is that there are a few steps that you can take to handle these pests and keep them away from your home or your commercial property as well.


Mosquitoes are going to be small biting flies that have some long legs. The females will require a blood meal so that they can lay their eggs in any of the standing water that is around. The eggs can then hatch in the water and then fly around your property, causing a lot of issues as well. The adult mosquitoes will often cause itchy, raised, and red bumps as well if you allow them to come into the area.


There are a lot of different options that you can use to help handle the mosquitoes and make sure that they are less likely to stick around your property and cause some issues. Some of the best control measures include:

# Eliminate standing water that is around the property. This can include water from rain, gutters, birdbaths, plant pots, lawn furniture, and buckets if you have them around there.

# Have the yard sprayed on a regular basis. There are professionals who will come to your home and help with this and can provide you some relief.

# Wear chemicals that are good at repelling the mosquitoes and make it harder for them to stick around and cause issues.

# Try to limit the activities that you do outside to the evening or the morning when the mosquitoes are less likely to cause problems.

# Wear long pants and longer shirts so that there is less skin exposed to the bugs.

# Check that all of the doors and windows are closed and the screens are in good order so the pest can’t get into your home and cause some bites too.


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