The Drawbacks of Calling the Suburbs Your Home


There are a lot of reasons to love calling the suburbs your home. They offer more space and often the units that you rent will cost less money compared to similar ones in the city. You will have more room to walk around and crime is often lower than what you will find in the city as well, making these a good place to call home if you have a family. Many people love calling the suburbs home, but before you make the big move, there are a few drawbacks to this kind of living. Some of the negatives of calling the suburbs your home includes:

# The commute will be longer: You will often need to commute between the suburbs and the city in order to get to your job. This can make it hard because it takes up too much of your time. The average commute is almost half an hour each way for those who live in the suburb, which is an extra hour a day that they have to spend on the road, in addition to their work time. Yes, it is possible to be a little closer, but you need to add that time into your day.

# Less eclectic: Many of the neighborhoods that you will choose in the suburbs are going to be cookie-cutter in looks. They will have a lot of the same businesses and restaurants and the homes and apartments will have similar styles. This can make it a little boring if you like all of the different styles that come with living in the city.

# You will need a car: One of the benefits of a suburb is that you do not have stuff right on top of each other. But this can also be a drawback that you need to consider. You will not be able to walk to everything in a suburb and you may need to invest in a car to get to certain places.


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