Student Housing: Bigger Is Better


In the market for a new apartment? Are you a new college student ready to explore the town, but need a new place to call home? Finding a home that works for your situation isn’t always easy. Well, that isn’t entirely true. When living in a college town it can be a smidge easier. In this article, we explore five bedroom student housing near sam houston state university and why it’s better to get a larger unit versus a studio.


More Students- Lower Cost


Students typically need help making their rent. That means if there is any way that they can lower it, that’s better. If you rent an apartment with more bedrooms you can split the rent further. But if you have a smaller place there isn’t that option. Splitting rent is something many students do and find to their advantage.


More Space


A larger housing unit means more space to spread out and make your own. You'll have room for all your belongings and can create a comfortable and personalized living environment. Whether it's extra storage space, a larger kitchen, or a spacious common area, having ample room can enhance your overall quality of life in student housing.


There is the possibility of getting a smaller place, to try and save money. But this can usually backfire when you have to come up with the entire month’s rent on your own.


Making Friends With Your Roomies


Living with more roommates in a bigger space also presents an excellent opportunity to make new friends. Shared living can lead to strong bonds with your roommates as you navigate college life together. From late-night study sessions to fun gatherings, having a larger living area can accommodate various social activities and foster a sense of community.


Do you get lonely or haven’t made friends in a new city? Getting a larger rental can give you the opportunity to get some new roomies. From there you can grow lifetime friends, and that is definitely a worthwhile reason to consider not living alone and instead having roommates.


Final Thoughts


Choosing bigger student housing can have numerous benefits, from lowering costs to providing more space for your comfort and enjoyment. We  recommend considering an apartment building that offers more in the way of student housing than the typical apartment buildings. For places like Houston that is a college town there are many to choose from. Remember to weigh the pros and cons.