Understanding and Preventing Pantry Moths


Whether you have a small restaurant or a larger food storage warehouse, you need to watch out from pests. To the well-known spider and cockroach to pantry moths, which don’t get as much press, there are many pests to look out for on a daily basis. Pantry moths, in particular, can be very destructive and hurt both your reputations and your profits. Stay ahead of the pest control game by learning more about pantry moths.


So what are pantry moths? These moths, most commonly the Indian Meal moth, love to hang around stored food and grains. Once they find a nice place to stay, adults lay their eggs on these materials, and they can lay hundreds of eggs at a time directly on stored food. Once the eggs are laid, the damage is done because the new larvae quickly hatch and get to work. The larvae not only eat the food in the bags and containers, but are able to chew through plastic and cardboard to get to food. Unfortunately, you aren’t safe from pantry moths simply because packages are unopened.


Pantry moths, like cockroaches and mice, go after a variety of food items and materials without much discrimination. Among their favorites are cereals, grains, beans, flour, birdseed, dried animal food, chocolate, candy, and dried fruit. You may have other materials in your food storage that are also deemed attracted to a pantry moth, and they can cause thousands of dollars in damage just by being under your radar. So, if you see an adult pantry moth in your food storage, you likely already have a problem - but taking action can help prevent future problems.


Fortunately, there are reliable prevention tips and methods to keep pantry moths away from your kitchen or food storage warehouse. Use older food products first. Store all bulk foods in pest-proof containers, such as tight plastic containers and glass containers with thick walls. If you need to transfer food from bags or other containers that provide easy access, do so right away. 

If you suspect, or know, that you may have a pantry moth infestation, you need high-quality, professional food safety pest control in Spokane. A commercial pest control professional has seen it all, especially when it comes to protecting your product from common warehouse pests. So, once you see one pantry moth, don’t hesitate to call in a professional to get the pest control problem fixed immediately.